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Blueprint Site

Take your WordPress multisite network to the next level with Ultimate Dashboard PRO. By selecting a Blueprint you can apply the settings, branding and dashboard widgets to all sites of your network.

Exclude Sites

You can exclude certain sites from the Blueprint if you want to them to have a different dashboard. The branding settings of the blueprint site will still apply to these sites. If determined, the subsite branding settings will be used instead of the blueprint settings.

Global Widget Order

The order of the dashboard widgets is saved on a per user basis. Just select a user whose widget order you want to apply to all sites and users throughout your network to maintain a consistens look.

Capability Settings

With the Capability Settings you can chose wether admins of other sites on your network can add additional widgets to their dashboard or not.

Multisite Settings

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Ultimate Dashboard is the #1 WordPress Dashboard Plugin for WordPress. Give the WordPress Dashboard a more meaniungful use for your clients.

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