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  • Add Tooltips to your Icon Widgets
  • Text Widgets
  • HTML Widgets
  • Remove 3rd Party Widgets
  • Apply your Widget order to all users of your site
  • Change the Widget colors
  • Add custom CSS to your Dashboard

Remove 3rd Party Widgets

There are numerous of plugins out there, adding their own widgets to the WordPress Dashboard. If you even want to remove these widgets, we’ve got you covered. Ultimate Dashboard PRO lets you remove 3rd party widgets with just a click.

Icon Widget Tooltips

Not all of the Dashboard Widgets may be self explanatory out of the box. Provide additional information to your Dashboard Widgets with Tooltips.

Text Widgets

Ultimate Dashboard PRO lets you add Text Widgets (HTML allowed) to the WordPress Dashboard. In addition to that, you can simply set a fixed height for each Text Widget individually.

Global Widget Order

The order of the Dashboard Widgets are stored on a per user basis. To overwrite the settings for all users on your website you can simply chose a user whose order you’d like to apply to all registered users.

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or higher
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Ultimate Dashboard is the #1 WordPress Dashboard Plugin for WordPress. Give the WordPress Dashboard a more meaniungful use for your clients.

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